Windows Installer Free Download

Windows Installer Free Download

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Description of Windows Installer

It is the program predefined by Microsoft Windows systems for installing processes, for the updates and removal of applications. In fact, Windows Installer is needed if you want to install, manipulate or handle files.  

  •  Installation: developers can use it to author a setup file that consists of a single installation package. And this can, of course, either per-machine or per-user do the installation of the application. Thanks to that, the creation of a dual purpose package for installing applications in windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 is easier.
  • MSI packages: This feature can assure the security of Windows Service, that is to say, its files, folders, registry key and new accounts. For this new version, the newly introduced “MsiLockPermissionsEx” is facilitating this security. In order to complete that task, the object’s unique identifier must be specified in the table. Only this new version can recognize this table.

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