Easy File Locker 2014 Free Download

Easy File Locker 2014 Free Download

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Description of Easy File Locker

Need to keep some of your files and folders private and far from preying eyes? Easy File Locker can save your files and folders from harm. The application has been created by Xoslab.  
  • Lock: since the application is a freeware, you are then allowed to download and install it for free on your computer system. After running the application, you will be able to start selecting files and folders to lock. Therefore, if someone tries to open, read, move, modify or delete it, it won’t be possible.
  • Hide: Easy File Locker can hide your private files and folders too. If you want more than locking your data, you can choose to hide it so that nobody can even have a look at it. That way, curious people will be spared the temptation of looking at the content of the file or the folder in question.
  • Password protected: so as to make Easy File Locker even reliable, the editor featured it with a password protection. Indeed, to have an access to the software’s parameters, interface and uninstaller option, a password has to be entered. There will be no way in without the correct password.

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