HDD Regenerator Free Download

HDD Regenerator Free Download

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Description of HDD Regenerator

HDD Regenerator is a software which provides a dual function. It can repair a hard drive and retrieve all lost data. It is designed by Dmitriy Primochenko.

  • Interface: the interface of HDD Regenerator allows an easy access to the process of data recovery. Repairing Windows damaged surfaces required only a few clicks on the top of the section. You can also custom settings.
  • Scanning and repairing: once installed on the computer system, HDD Regenerator proceeds to scan of the hard drive for any error. It will make a safe and rapid analysis, and restores defective items. The software notifies users whenever a sector shows a serious problem in order to save data.
  • Other features: HDD Regenerator works on the unformatted and without partition discs, which implies a limited functionality. Under DOS, it is possible to start repairing process automatically.
  • Improvements: with the existence of a preview mode, the location of the damaged areas can be quickly located. This new version also provides a temperature indicator, full range of selection indicators and other necessary options.

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