MP3 Audio Recorder Free Download

MP3 Audio Recorder Free Download

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Description of MP3 Audio Recorder

MP3 Audio Recorder Free is an application to record sound from various sources. You can have a detail about its main features below. It is designed by Pistonsoft.  
  • Sound source: MP3 Audio Recorder Free can record any sound played on your computer system. The sound may come from a microphone, CD/DVD player, games, online radio and TV stations, Vinyl, LP and/or Cassette Tape Collection.
  • Customizable: with this tool, you can specify the bitrate, sampling rate and bit depth of your recording as well as specifying the compression method. MP3 Audio Recorder Free is also integrated with the LPF (Lowpass) filter and built-in parametric equalizer so that you can fine-tune your records for the highest quality.
  • Voice Activation System: this feature enables users to avoid pausing and playing the application all time. Indeed, thanks to this, users can get rid of pauses and silence by only recording when someone is talking.

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