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Copying or moving a file from a place to another can be a tedious task especially if the system is slow. TeraCopy is a tool to copy and move some files within Windows in a faster and greater way.  

  • File copying: creating a new file which has the same content as an existing file can be done in a matter of seconds. TeraCopy uses asynchronous copy in order to speed up the file transfer even from two different locations.
  • Pause and resume: the aim of pausing and then resuming a file copying is to free up system resources so that it cannot slow down any longer. It is up to the user to choose to let the copying continuing or to pause and restart after.
  • Error recovery: if ever an error occurred during the process, TeraCopy will try several times. If there is no other solution to complete the copying, the software will skips the defective file and continues with the rest of the operation.

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