Skype Offline Installer Free Download

Skype Offline Installer Free Download

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Description of Skype Offline Installer

This is the standalone version (or offline installer) of Skype that will allow you to install it on PCs not connected to the Internet. Remember that the other version is a simple client to download the installer every time you want to install the program. Skype is one of the most widely used programs in the world of messaging. Allows you to call anywhere in the world via the Internet using voice over IP (VoIP).  

  • Offline installing: Skype Offline Installer allows you to install Skype, the instant messaging program, on an offline computer. Usually installed with a web installer then, now you can install Skype at once thus you can save time and bandwidth use too.
  • Instant messaging: Once installed, you can launch Skype as usual with its all features. You are enabled to communicate with your Skype contacts by text messages, by emoticons, by creating discussion groups and to see them also in live due to video features.
  • Voice feature: you can use your computer as a phone with its voice feature (Voice over Internet Protocol). You can call contacts from the other side of the world for hours and for free and even if it is free, it provides a high quality sound.
Download Skype Offline Installer for Pc

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