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Google Talk Free Download

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Description of Google Talk

Commonly known as Gtalk, Gchat or Gmail messenger, Google Talk is a free and easy instant messaging and voice over the Internet. Simple and intuitive at the same time, it is a intended for communication. 
  • Instant Messaging: Google talk is providing real-time extensible messaging and supports messaging with any service provider that supports XMPP. Thanks to this, universities, corporations as well as individual users can profit from it.
  • Product integration: Its integration to Gmail enables users to send instant messages without having to open other software or other tab. Users can also interact with registered Orkut by sending and receiving « scraps ». Google+, also integrated into Gtalk, helps users to look at their Google+ contacts in the contact list.
  • Mobile devices: Gtalk is compatible with Nokia 5230 Internet Tablet, Windows mobile, iPhone, Blackberry, Sony's mylo and Android version 2.3.4.
  • Video calls: It is worth to remember that all calls are free and if you use a headset, the voice quality is certain to be high. But it is always up to configure to use this option or not.
  • Notifications: This software notifies the user for a new message in Google Mail account and obviously all incoming calls or IM. This is practical when you have to launch another program at the same time.

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