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Download Drive Vaccine 2014
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It takes bravery to service PC's within the property right -  at hotels, web cafes, libraries and academic establishments - wherever users aren't perpetually careful and usage is high. Drive Vaccine's simplifies the management of public access PC's.

Drive vaccinum may be a non-restrictive drive restore product designed for public access workstations.  The computer users feel like they need complete management over the computer. however no matter what they are doing, as well as erasing files, putting in software package or maybe hacking the system written record, Drive vaccinum can mechanically restore the computer to your required system state -- anytime the digital computer is restarted, or on any set schedule. creating the workstations absolutely designed and accessible for successive user.

    • Restore on Reboot
    • Restore on Log-off 
    • Restore on Idle PC (no PC activity)
    • Restore on an hourly schedule 
    • Restore on a Daily schedule 
    • Restore Daily on first startup of day 
    • Restore on a Weekly schedule 
    • Automatically accept OS and Anti virus updates 
    • Keep important data using "Immune Space"
    • Block access to CD ROM and USB ports  
    • No hardware (no dongle or recovery card) required 
    • Protect unlimited hard disk partitions
    • Recover the stable original state of hard disks automatically on any schedule (every reboot, log-off, end-of-day, weekly, monthly)
    • Easily write-protect each hard disk with two clicks (restore on reboot)
    • Block USB devices and CD Media
    • Remote Management Console for remote network administration (Free of cost)
    • Create an Immune Space
    • No specific hard disk partition setup required

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